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Savannah's source for ADR
Source-Connect, EdiCue, Ediprompt, ProTools 2022 hdx
We use EdiPrompt to display Streamers, Punches and Text as well as for beep timing.
We can convert your ADR cues to an EdiPrompt compatible source with EdiCue.






ADR stand for "Automated" or "Automatic" Dialog Replacement.


Dialog that cannot be salvaged from production tracks must be  re-recorded in a process called
looping or ADR.  


Looping originally involved recording an actor who spoke lines in sync to "loops" of the image which were played over and over along with matching lengths of recording tape. ADR, though faster, is still painstaking work.  


An actor watches the image repeatedly while listening to the original production track on headphones as a guide. The actor then re-performs each line to match the wording and lip movements. Actors vary in their ability to achieve sync and to recapture the emotional tone of their performance.  


ADR is usually considered a necessary evil but there are moments when looping can be used not just for technical reasons but  to add new character or interpretation to a shot. Just by altering a few key words or phrases an actor can change the emotional bent on a scene. 


Gear package:
BOOM - LEFT CHANNEL: Sennheiser MKH-50, MKH-416, Schoeps CMC6-MK41
Non-Interleaved Stereo BWAV file. 48khz, 24bit
DAW: PROTOOLS 2022.7 HDX system.
AVID HDX Digital Interface.
LUCID A/D Convertors to AVID AES Inputs.
AVID SYNC HD for LTC send and receive.
Horita Black Burst Generator.
2022 MAC STUDIO-4TB OWC SSD RAID 4 SESSION DISC (1700MBs read and write).
Typical microphone chain: Cranesong Flamingo or Camden 500 microphone pre – Neve 551 EQ – RNC 500 Compressor for peaks only. (We like this combination for tone and seems to be the closest to using a Sound Devices Preamp).

We start all ProTools sessions at 00:00:00:00.

We have found that importing EdiCue midi files works better without any offsets.

We use EdiCue and EdiPrompt for creating and displaying streamers and generating beeps for the talent. Sending an EdiCue prepared ADR cue sheet saves a lot of time and money in session preparation. We can convert your cues to work on EdiPrompt. We also have an Excel document that you may download and paste your information into. Send us a copy and EdiCue will generate what is needed.

Source Connect is typically the way we connect to other studios.
Our ID is: pelhamblue.
We do NOT provide “record and replace”. SC is running on a separate computer.
Channel one is the audio feed from the control room and channel two is the LTC feed from ProTools.
EdiPrompt also announces the name of each record take and you will also see a take number on your screen.
Beeps can be sent down the audio side along with our audio (if requested.
We have found that a 3 second pre-roll on our end is usually sufficient for lockup. If you need more, we can adjust.

We can either generate the ZOOM session on our end or the client can.
We have 2 instances of ZOOM running; one is the video feed from the booth and the second feed is the picture.
(Please send individual invitations to and
Client checklist:
1: Billing Information
2: EX-G for talent
3: Cue Sheets
4: Picture (QT Proxy is fine with embedded audio). Left channel – DX, Right channel - everything else.
5: Return information for assets (minus pic and stems).
6: Source Connect ID if we are connecting.
7: ZOOM invitees email addresses.
8: Mix engineer: Phil Hadaway 912-656-0534 cell


Source Connect ID:


You can also connect via a Chrome Browser to our Source Connect Nexus link.

You will able to listen and direct recording  sessions with extremely high audio quality.
No account is necessary.

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